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Safeguard Activator RX-9 Infrasonic Home Security Alarm (Plug and Play Alarm) (Retail Packaging)

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Activator RX-9 Infrasonic Home Security Alarm Silver

A guardian you can count on! Sound - activated Activator Portable Security Alarm SAVE BIG BUCKS! Always on duty ready to alert you to a possible intrusion. Forget those magnet-based units that only trigger when a single window is opened. The Activator uses low-frequency sound monitoring the entire house for potential trouble. Extremely sensitive! Each Sensor is programmed to detect a door / window opening or the sound of glass shattering. Routine noises like your dog or your furnace kicking in don't set the Activator off only the unique noises related to a possible break-in. "Iron-clad" peace-of-mind: Automatically activates when a triggering sound occurs; 30 second delay gives you time to deactivate; Sensitivity control helps eliminate false triggers; LOUD siren alerts you and scares away the bad guys; Triggers BEFORE intruders get into your home / office / car; Covers entire rooms and open areas... detects in low-frequency range right through obstructions; Available in models in protect cars homes and larger residences.; SMART peace of mind at an affordable price! Improve your security today! Includes 1 plug-in sensor and 110db Siren. When the alarm is triggered power goes to the outlet setting off the siren a floor lamp anything you have plugged in. Protects an entire house depending on open area. Sensor is 5 1/2 x 2 1/2". Siren is 2 1/2 x 2 1/2". Set weighs 11 ozs. Activator RX9 Home Alarm

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