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Safeguard Activator RX-14C Infrasonic Multiple Sensor Home Security System (Retail Packaging)

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Safeguard Activator RX-14C Infrasonic Multiple Sensor Home Security System Silver

The RX-14C is a unique "Multiple Sensor Scanner" device that deters intruders from entering your house. The sensors operate by detecting low-level sub-sonic air movement or vibrations (below the threshold of human hearing) created by the movement of air. If any door or window is being forced open the RX-14C will detect these actions and automatically activate the alarm warning and/or turn on a light to deter the intruder. The RX-14C consists of two sensor units with built-in 110-db sirens a remote control for the sensors and a panic button. The sensors plug into power outlets.

Each sensor will control the siren or a lamp or any other appliance you select. The RX-14C sensors will automatically scan the perimeter of the entire property in 30 seconds. After this time if a door or window is opened or tampered with upstairs or downstairs the devices will turn on the alarm siren or any appliance connected to it. If you wish to control multiple devices such as a radio stereo lamp off a single sensor then plug a power strip to the sensor will operate the other devices. Fitted with sensitivity controls the sensors can be adjusted allowing you to adjust the range covered by the sensor to suit different size houses and properties. An RX-14C sensor can be used as safety lighting. Simply locate the unit in a hallway or landing and attach a lamp. When a door is opened the lamp is turned on immediately. Located in an entry way the sensor becomes a "welcome home" light when you open the front door.

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